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GROWING Orchids - It's Easy!!!

POTS - When potting or repotting, use a clear or translucent orchid pot with extra ventilation on the sides and/or a raised bottom cone.
This allows for good drainage, extra aeration, and root photosynthesis. You can also monitor root growth better.

GROW MEDIUM - Use a quality orchid growing medium that provides quick drainage and excellent aeration.
The #1 killer of orchids is over watering caused from roots sitting in excess water.

LIGHT - Native to the tropics, most orchids are “light-hungry” and like 12-14 hours of indirect light daily, year around.
Display in east or west facing windows, or put under full-spectrum lights.

WATER - generally orchids should be watered no more than once a week. Let the growing medium dry out in between watering.
HUMIDITY - Most tropicals thrive in 60-80% humidity. (Average winter home humidity is 30%.!)
Place pots on a humidity tray, or a pebble-filled water tray and mist daily to increase humidity level.

Fertilize regularly only when you see active growth — usually not during winter months. Use a quality, liquid orchid food designed for your type of orchid following the directions.

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