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Anthurium Bouquets

Anthuriums are hardy, long-lasting flowers which come in a variety of colors and sizes. Heart-shaped and stunning, anthuriums ship well and are easy to arrange. MauiGoose of Hawaii ships only the highest quality, hand-washed and inspected anthuriums. Grown in Hawaii on family farms, each bouquet is sure to bring a splash of color to your home.

Traditional Red

Green Midori

White with Orchids

Watermelon Obake

Variety Bouquet

Peppermint Shibori

Pink Paradise


Tropical Anthurium Mixed Bouquets:

Royal Island

Pastel with Orchids

Tropical Fireworks

Maui Sunrise
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Long Lasting and Easy to Arrange Hearts and Orchids--

A Happy Bouquet!  Fresh Flowers from Hawaii Easy to Arrange

Regular Price: $89.00
Easy to arrange and long lasting Maui Angel Bouquet

Soft tones of pinks, greens with white

Regular Price: $95.00