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These are basic guidelines for arranging your MauiGoose flowers. We welcome your comments so
your ideas can be added to this section of our site. email

First, refer to the Care Card included with each gift to identify your flowers.

For Protea, the heavy stems and compact heads, only cut the stems and do not submerge in water.
If you know that you would like to have dried flowers, do not place in water. The more water absorbed
causes the heads which are full of fiber to fall apart and thus cannot be enjoyed as an everlasting (dried flower).

Unpack the box and gently remove any material added to each flower to protect during shipping.
The Birds of paradise have "socks" to protect and should be removed and then the interior of the
"beak" will release to complete the flower. Sometimes it is necessary to run your thumb over the
top of the "seam" to allow the complete flower to emerge.

For Tropical Flowers: Anthurium, Bird of Paradise, Heliconia, Tropic Fleur, Ginger, Tropical Foliage
such as palms, anthurium leaves, lycopodium, etc. (does not pertain to Protea which is the King, Mink,
Pincushion, etc)

Once all the flowers and foliage are unpacked, fill a tub or basin with room temperature water and cut about one inch
at an angle and immerse the complete flower head and stem and all the foliage in the water for 15 minutes.
This will re-hydrate and then they will be ready to arrange. Add a dash of the preservative to the water in the vase you
wish to use. You will change the water every few days and so you will be using the preservative in the future.

Now you are ready to place in the container.

Two ways to design
One is placing the stems directly into the water
Second is to use floral foam (green color) (Most popular one is called Oasis) There is a tan color Oasis but that is
for dried material.

Using a vase with water (preservative added) decide where you will place your arrangement. A tall arrangement works
best where it can be viewed from a distance. A centerpiece for a dining table requires a low and more horizontal
design so that you can see the person across the table!

Basic design ideas:
Once you know where your flowers will be placed in the room and have the container ready,
you are ready to arrange the flowers.

I like to lay each flower next to one another, heads at the top and choose the largest bloom or the one which
"speaks to me" to start. Then the foliage is like a frame on a picture and the foliage is placed over rim the container
especially if it is a low horizontal design.
Next I choose the tallest point for the arrangement and on from there. If the arrangement is to be viewed from all sides,
turn your arrangement as you place the flowers to create a complete balanced design,