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Sorry, we cannot ship orchid plants to Canada.

Orchid Plant Care
GROWING Orchids - It's Easy!!!

POTS - When potting or repotting, use a clear or translucent orchid pot with extra ventilation on the sides and/or a raised bottom cone.
This allows for good drainage, extra aeration, and root photosynthesis. You can also monitor root growth better.

GROW MEDIUM - Use a quality orchid growing medium that provides quick drainage and excellent aeration.
The #1 killer of orchids is over watering caused from roots sitting in excess water.

LIGHT - Native to the tropics, most orchids are “light-hungry” and like 12-14 hours of indirect light daily, year around.
Display in east or west facing windows, or put under full-spectrum lights.

WATER - generally orchids should be watered no more than once a week. Let the growing medium dry out in between watering.
HUMIDITY - Most tropicals thrive in 60-80% humidity. (Average winter home humidity is 30%.!)
Place pots on a humidity tray, or a pebble-filled water tray and mist daily to increase humidity level.

Fertilize regularly only when you see active growth — usually not during winter months. Use a quality, liquid orchid food designed for your type of orchid following the directions.

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Two Orchid Plants from our Hawaiian Nursery arrive ready to enjoy.
Arrives with easy to follow care instructions and at least one blooming spike.
(Sorry, we cannot ship orchid plants to Canada)