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Frequently Asked Questions ...............................................

"How do I know what the shipping cost of my lei will be?

~~The minimum charge for shipping one or two lei OR 100 or 200 loose blooms is $35. for Overnight FedEx service. Please refer to the Shipping section of our site. Once your lei or loose bloom order is received, we will email the exact shipping cost. With your approval, we will add that amount to your order.
You may wish to email before you place your order exact shipping cost.

"Do you ship to Canada?"

~~Yes, but it is important for you to know that there is a minimum Customs charge of $30. for each order. We use International FedEx which is more costly than FedEx within the US Mainland. Deliveries are not available on Saturdays. Orders to Canada should be placed at least 10 days before desired delivery date.

"Do you ship to the EU?"

~~No, not at this time.

"When will my credit card be charged?"

~~Your credit card is processed at the time you place your order.

"I do not see what I am looking for in the tropical flower bouquets."

~~We are happy to provide a custom box for you on a week’s notice before delivery date.

"My Mom works and cannot be there when FedEx arrives. How can I be sure she will receive the flowers?"

~~Once we ship, you receive the tracking number so that you can log onto the FedEx website and follow the box. You will then be able to alert your Mother of the approximate delivery time. If she is not there when FedEx arrives, the driver will leave the box and not return the following delivery day unless you give us instructions not to leave the box. There is a $5.00 charge for requesting a signature of the recipient.

"I love plumeria! How can I be sure the flowers will arrive in good condition since they are so fragile."

~~The plumeria blooms will have a few brown spots and that is characteristic of the flower even here in Hawaii. We have been shipping plumeria for over 10 years and carefully pack and use quickest FedEx service to get them to your destination in the best possible condition. We include care instructions in all our shipments and if followed, the flowers can be enjoyed for as long as possible.

"Do you include prices in your shipments?"

~~No, we only include a Care Card and never include any advertising in any of gifts.

Have another question?

~~Please email or call

1-800 877 6832 and we will be happy to provide any information on our products.