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Federal Express has been our shipper for the past 22 years to destinations within the Hawaiian Islands, to the Mainland and Canada. Due to harvest conditions we cannot guarantee that exact selection will be available when we are ready to ship your order. We try our best to let you know of any substitutions but sometimes due to the difference in time zones, this may not always happen. Please know that we will make any necessary substitution equal to the value of your original selection.

Delivery Information: Please allow us 48 hours notice to ship your order. We ship Monday through Friday. Once we ship, your order, you will receive an email alerting you to the shipment and the FedEx tracking number. We ask that you allow us to release the box without signature to prevent the box from being returned to the FedEx processing station. If you feel certain that this is not a good decision due to possible theft, etc, then let us know when you place the order. FedEx will charge an additional fee for this service and you will be billed by an extra $5.00 if FedEx has to return to your delivery destination.

Packaging: Our shipping boxes are specifically manufactured boxes for the floral industry in Hawaii. We pack with gel packs to assure a constant temperature for as long as possible.

Shipping Options: All of our flowers are shipped using FedEx Priority Service. Shipping flowers to destinations with extreme temperatures requires special insulation materials. Your order will be billed three dollars for this special service to insure the condition of the flowers on arrival.

  • MauiGoose freshly harvested flowers, leis and loose blooms are shipped using FedEx Priority Service. Shipments leave Hawaii daily except on the weekends when FedEx does not serve the islands.

  • Canadian shipments will be shipped using International Priority FedEx. In addition, charges $40.00 for every shipment into Canada to cover customs and taxes. We use Priority International FedEx for deliveries into Canada. There are no deliveries into Canada on the weekends. We prefer to ship Canadian orders at the beginning of the week in case there is a delay in Customs.

  • In areas where there are Agricultural Customs on in coming products from Hawaii such as Canada and California, MauiGoose is not responsible for any delays.
  • Maui Goose cannot reimburse customers for products (nor other charges such as FedEx charges) held or destroyed by Agriculture Inspectors.

Saturday: Saturday deliveries are not advised especially to California due to possible agricultural department delays. Other than California, sometimes weddings or special events on Sunday may require a Saturday delivery and we make exceptions for these special circumstances. Please contact us to discuss your special delivery needs.

Shipping Rates for Leis & Loose Blooms: Shipping rates depend on the weight, size and contents of your package. Shipping charges include packing materials, cool paks, and FedEx PRIORITY service. Federal Express Priority Service is delivered next by 10:30 AM to the west coast and the second day by 10:30 to the rest of the Mainland U.S. On all shipments to areas which are out of major towns, the Priority delivery may be later in the day.

MauiGoose Bouquets show shipping costs on Check Out. FedEx Priority for Bouquets range from $20. to $35. depending on the weight of the box.
Please refer to the table below for shipping all Lei and Loose Bloom orders.

On the day of shipping we email you your FedEx Tracking Number so that you may track your package by logging onto or call FedEx at 1 (800) 463-3339.