Pastel Obake Anthurium

Hawaiian Rainbow Obake Anthurium from MauiGoose

Pastel Obake Anthurium

Price: $89.00


Our Pastel Obake Anthurium Bouquet consists of long stems terminating in pastel tones in the same bloom. We add lush green bamboo foliage making it a joy to arrange. This exquisite large Obake is one of our all-time favorites. Supply is limited.

Available in a choice of 3  bouquets

Small 7 stems, Medium 12 stems, Large 20 stems  Free Priority FedEx

All MauiGoose Bouquets arrive with Care Instructions and Preservative. This anthurium is a long lasting flower is the best choice for easy arranging.
Color of obake varies. Growers Choice on receipt of order.