Fresh Bouquets

Fresh Tropical Flowers for All Occasions

Here at Maui Goose, we are thrilled to bring Hawaii to you by being able to offer you tropical flowers online at affordable prices. Let us be your online solution for fresh tropical flower bouquets delivered directly to your door. Our floral selections are carefully handpicked and include a unique variety of orchids, plumeria, anthurium, and birds of paradise. Be instantly transported to the beautiful islands of Hawaii with any of our tropical flowers. Experience the serenity and beauty the tropics have to offer!  Share the love and beauty of Hawaii by ordering a fresh bouquet of flowers today.

When your MauiGoose bouquet arrives, simply open the box, carefully remove the packing material and locate the Care Card with preservtive included in every box. Cut each stem at an angle (to allow the most hydration) and place in a container with water and preservative. Allow at least 30 minutes before arranging. We welcome your photos of arrangements.