Tropical Fireworks

Tropical Flowers and Foliage harvested with that special event in mind.  Various vibrant colors and forms make your event memorable. Create one large arrangement or many smaller arrangements.  All the tropical flowers and foliage sure to

Tropical Fireworks

Price: $325.00


A huge harvest of fresh tropicals for that really special event. 

Free Priority FedEx!

15 large red anthurium, 10 smaller assorted anthurium varieties, 8 red ginger, 8 pink ginger, 8 bird of paradise, 10 psittiacorum, 10 sprays of oncidium orchids, 2 helicona, and 19 foliage(10 ti leaves, 6 lycopodium, 3 monstera). Our Care instructions and preservative included with every harvest Need a larger harvest?  Please email our Chief Goose Check out our fresh Hawaiian Leis for this special event!

Our Largest Harvest Over 70 flowers plus foliage with Free Priority FedEx