Hilo Maile Lei (60")

Fragrant Traditional Maile Lei

Hilo Maile Lei (60")

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Maile is a fragrant green vine which grows in remote valleys on the Hawaiian islands. The traditional maile lei, loved by Hawaiian royalty, is presented to both men and women to honor the recipient. Our maile lei is open ended and measures approximately five feet in length. You may choose to wear it alone, or enhance it with a strand of flowers. Most often worn for weddings, graduation and retirements, maile is the perfect choice for all the special moments in life.

Traditional Maile lei can be worn alone or twined with flowers. Presented at special moments such as weddings, graduations, retirements, etc.
I ordering more than 5 maile to the same destination, please email for special pricing.

MauiGoose will substitute ti maile for traditional maile on all shipments to California.